Sunday, July 13, 2008

Topics I've half written about but trust me, are not even fit for a blog no one reads

So, I haven't written anything interesting in quite a while. I haven't really written anything un-interesting either, hence the lack of activity on here. But, in fairness to my girlfriend, who might check this thing when she's really, really bored, here are a few of the things I've started writing in my drunk-notebook:*
-A treatise on the delectability of tater tots
-Children's books that should be updated to our modern times
-A ranking of diet sodas
-Superpowers that would be really inconvenient for day-to-day life
-Flamethrower vs. Grenade Launcher
- Requisites for an awesome detective
-The ungodly sadness of Girl's Gone Wild

Now, any one of these could be made interesting, but in their current form, they are spiteful reminders of my inability to follow through on any thoughts I have.

*The drunk-notebook is a pad of paper that I keep near my bedside table in the hope that I'll have some idea worth remembering in the middle of the night. Invariably, I end up writing down a bunch of giberish about how much I want a cheeseburger every time I get baked. I'll bet all the greats start this way. Umm, yeah, that's it.